Carlton Plain – Environmental

2018-2019 Compliance Assessment Report

2019.1081.M1.1a Carlton Plain Stage 1 s45C Variation Submission
2019.1081.M4.1a Statement 1081 DWER Approval of Compliance Assessment Plan
2019.1081.M6.4a Carlton Plain Site Inspection Summary Report
2019.CP1.FV.1.3a Carlton Plain minimum riparian setbacks - west
2019.CP1.FV.1.3b.Carlton Plain minimum riparian setbacks - east
2019.CP1.FV.2.1a Location of vegetation monitoring sites
2019.CP1.FV.2.2a Carlton Plain Stage 1 Vegetation and soil conditio… monitoring 2019
2019.CP1.HP.10.1a Carlton Plain bores field data 2017-2019
2019.CP1.HP.10.1b Carlton Plain Bores Chem Centre Analysis Database
2019.CP1.IW.13.1a Carlton wetland water monitoring results June 2019

Carlton Plain Environmental Management Plan

2019.1081.M6.2a Carlton Plain Stage 1 EMP August 2018

Sept-Dec 2019 Compliance Assessment Report

2019a.1081.HP.10.1a Carlton Plain Bore coordinates and Dec 2019 results
2019a.1081.HP.10.1b Carlton Plain Bores field data 2017-2019
2019a.1081.HP.10.1c Carlton Plain Bores Chem Centre Analysis Database
2019a.1081.M1.1a Carlton Plain compliance response - KAI
2019a.1081.M1.1b Carlton Plain clearing at 31 Dec 2019 - approved envelope
2019a.1081.M1.1c Carlton Plain clearing at 31 Dec 2019 - proposed envelope
2019a.1081.M1.1d Carlton Plain cleared area at 31 Dec 2019
2019a.1081.M1.1e Carlton Plain wetland - clearing exclusion at 31 Dec 2019